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1 the act of drawing a plan or diagram or outline
2 drawing created by tracing [syn: trace]

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  1. The reproduction of an image made by copying it through translucent paper.
  2. A record in the form of a graph made by a device such as a seismograph.
  3. The process of finding something that is lost by studying evidence.

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Tracing may refer to:
  • Tracing (law), a process by which a one demonstrates the ownership of property, with the intent to be awarded a claim based on this information
  • Tracing (criminology), a subject concerning setting up traces of occurrence of objects generated from trace evidence left at crime scenes
  • Tracing (as with a gun or camera), tracking an object, as with the use of tracer ammunition
  • Tracing in art, copying an object or drawing, especially with the use of translucent tracing paper
  • Tracing (computer graphics), edge detection via algorithms used in digital image processing to automatically generate tracings of objects
  • Tracing (software), a method of debugging in computer programming
  • Call tracing, a procedure in telephony that permits an entitled user to be informed about the routing of data for an established connection
  • Dye tracing, tracking various flows using dye added to the liquid in question
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apograph, black and white, brouillon, carbon, carbon copy, cartoon, charcoal, charcoal drawing, chiaroscuro, companion, copy, crayon, dead ringer, delineation, design, diagram, doodle, double, draft, drawing, duplicate, duplication, ebauche, effigy, esquisse, exact likeness, fellow, fiche, graph, hectography, icon, idol, image, likeness, line drawing, living image, living picture, manifold, match, mate, microcopy, microfiche, microform, mimeography, miniature, mirroring, model, pastel, pen-and-ink, pencil drawing, photograph, picture, portrait, recording, reduplication, reflection, reproduction, reprography, resemblance, rough copy, rough draft, rough outline, rubbing, semblance, shadow, silhouette, silver-print drawing, similitude, simulacrum, sinopia, sketch, spit and image, spitting image, study, tenor, trace, transcript, transcription, transfer, twin, very image, very picture, vignette, xerography
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